Monteith Ritsma Phillips Professional Corporation

56 Albert Street Stratford, ON N5A 6W3

The Monteith Ritsma Phillips law firm consists of five dynamic lawyers making it Stratford’s largest law firm. As a result, we have lawyers practising in various areas of the law enabling us to meet your legal needs. In addition to our traditional base in Stratford, we now have a branch office in the towns of Mitchell and Tavistock to better serve the people of these areas. This partnership has embraced change over its 160 year history and began serving the residents of Perth County in 1849. We continue to serve individuals, partnerships, corporations, municipalities, and other government agencies throughout South Western Ontario. Of the twenty-one partners that have built the legal history leading to this partnership, five became Judges, two became Members of Parliament, and another, Robert E. Mountain, became Stratford’s youngest Mayor in 1959. Steeped in this tradition of leadership, Monteith Ritsma Phillips Professional Corporation. remains committed to the values of honesty, integrity, and fairness. Our wealth of legal experience combined with a progressive approach to the practice of law ensures that our clients come first. Our team of lawyers and dedicated support staff share the belief that by offering high quality legal services we will continue to earn our clients’ confidence and trust.

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